Time And The Acceleration Principle – Capturing Those Happy Moments

By admin · Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The acceleration principle

If time is exact, why does it sometimes seem to fly and at other times to slow to a crawl? The answer to this is obvious. Pleasurable activities whiz on by while the mundane drags.

Have you noticed that when you were a child time seemed to move at a slower pace? The summer days were endless. The evenings when you played, maybe even caught a firefly, were timeless.

At a certain age, probably around 40 you started to wonder where it all went. Where oh where have all the days gone? In each advancing year time appears to accelerate. You realize that before long you will be in the twilight of your years.

It is obvious that time is both objective and subjective. You measure the passing of time with a watch, clock or a calendar. In you own mind how you feel it and how you experience it can vary.

There is an explanation why you experience each succeeding year of your life as going by faster. When a child of five years old experiences a day it’s one day in about 1825 days. When a man or woman of fifty experiences a day it’s one day out of over 18,000 days.

As you can see the child’s day is a much larger part of his total life. The adult’s day is much smaller. The child experiences the day as lasting a lot longer than the adult does. It is obvious why you experience a day in your life at 50 years old as being much shorter than when you were 5 years old. You experience time subjectively.

Time is one of the a priori principles of human action. All your decisions have to factor in time. Since you measure it in hours, days, weeks, months and years—you look at time objectively. However, how you subjectively feel about time will greatly influence your decisions.

Another aspect of time is metaphysical. Since all is eternal, time is an illusion of limited consciousness. In certain states of consciousness time is temporarily suspended. However, I think we all know that as long as we’re human and experience the physical we will be aware of time. There is no such thing as non-time.

Capturing those happy moments

How do we slow down time? Is it possible to freeze those magic moments so you experience them through eternity? What can we do to capture the times we love and cherish. And experience them to the fullest.

Since the child’s world passes slowly by we can see the world through the eyes of a child. We become childlike. We live in the present moment. Instead of regretting the past and worrying about the future we live in the only moment that counts—now.

Now some might think that seeing things with the eyes of a child is absurd. After all you are an adult or at least on the verge of adulthood. Some will call you simpleminded or immature.

I’m not saying that you abandon reason, responsibility or give up ambition. Achieving your goals and desires are important. What I am stating is that you live each moment as if the experience is fresh and new. You experience life with a special awareness. Making love, listening to your favorite music, bathing in the sunlight on a glorious spring or autumn day, the fleeting smile of a child, the euphoria from meditation–all of your moments can be sublime.

That is how you slow down time. You freeze the moment. And the second, minute, hour or day lives in your memories forever. Instead of wallowing in the guilt of the past or the worry of the future, you feel the warmth of glorious memories. Your future is an exciting journey unfolding before your eyes. You fill all of your days with Libertarian Pleasures.

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