Exploring Celtic Druidism (Kindle Edition)

By admin · Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Exploring Celtic Druidism

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The first time Sirona Knight came into contact with the teachings of Celtic Druidism at the age of 16, she felt as though she had come home. Many Western seekers feel a similar affinity with the ancient tribe that revered both male and female deities and lived in attunement with the natural world. Having studied and written about the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid tradition for more than 14 years (Dream Magic, Celtic Traditions), Knight has assembled Exploring Celtic Druidism, a guidebook of spells and traditions for modern-day dabblers as well as serious students. Before delving into the magic and rituals, Knight offers an overview of the history of Celtic Druidism and an introduction to the Celtic gods and goddesses. Time and again, she emphasizes the most inspiring belief of Druidism–that connecting with nature is the best way to connect with one’s spirit. She then names the tools needed for modern Celtic Druid craftwork, including a cord, wand, (more…)

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